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If you’ve created a traditional financial plan and it failed, that’s okay.

Financial International Connections Association, LLC (FICA Funding Foundation) is an income, investment and fund management foundation that offers income progression resources or a self-directed investment lending program that will not fail its Prospects or Independents.

FICA Funding Foundation works in the same capacity as any lender, provider or receiver. It is not unknown that it “takes money to make money”, “borrow money” or “raise money”. These are the three basic fundamentals of money creation that is applied to FICA Funding Foundation's daily structure. The caveat to this saying is that, it's the financial mechanism, that drives the economic progression in any market.

Simply put, someone has to be the buyer and someone has to be the seller, just like someone has to be the borrower and someone has to be the lender. When engaged in a transaction, the buyer pays the cash, the borrower puts down the cash or puts up assets as collateral (Something of Value). The lender provides the cash or the seller provides the goods and services.

FICA Funding Foundation will provide detailed information on the financial products and services showcased. Prospects or Independents will learn how each service is structured and programmed for success.

FICA Funding Foundation...

A. Is an essential consultation advisement and managed financial resource backed by a portfolio of assets. B. Provides a self-sufficient vehicle to Prospects or Independents that allows the Prospect or Independent to enhance Prospects or Independents income.
C. Is a self-absorbed service that places the Prospect or Independent in the driver’s seat of their own transactions. D. Gives the Prospect or Independent the security of knowing that each decision calculated, provides quality resources.
E. Allows the Prospect or Independent to repatriate unfathomable income.

FICA Funding Foundation structure will not be deviated, altered or changed. If a Prospect or Independent is unable to meet these terms, no worries, FICA Funding Foundation is not for everyone. However, when it comes to Prospects or Independents future, it is best to leave any past experiences behind.

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You're here today because you either have a transaction that requires funding or you're seeking an opportunity to acquire additional income. Either way, we welcome you.

We are interested in learning about you as you are about us and we look forward to building a unionized experience with you. 

Begin your journey and select the foundation that meets your income diversified or generation funding demands.

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Remove yourself from the broker arena. We offer multiple income streams that out maneuvers any standard paying job superseding traditional income through FICA Funding Foundation's self-directed investment lending program. 

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Apply your good, bad or no credit to meet your transactional funding demands as well as fill in any investment lending gaps through FICA Funding Foundation's self-directed investment lending program.

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